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BCSplash Showcase - Cats will be Cats!

It's time for this week's BCSplash showcase!
Our latest #BCSplash photo was created by ArtistAnnie who lives in the United States. Why not drop by and say "hello"?

Annie recorded this incredible scene whilst visiting Kenya back in 2018. What an experience to see these beautiful animals in such close proximity.  

"The lions, the cheetahs, the leopards, they were all cats and it showed. Here is one of a pride of lions stretching after a nice nap. This pride had quite a few females and young lions watched over by two big brothers.

Soon after we found them, they each began to yawn and stretch. Eventually each one got up and sauntered away. The males yawned too, but they stayed put, probably waiting for the females to go find dinner."

Would you like to see your photograph on our social media headers next week?

We're always on the lookout for eye-catching images to be included on our Facebook and Twitter headers as well as here on the community blog. 

Pick out a photo that would make an appealing first impression to visitors and add the tag #BCsplash.  

The images ideally should work in a banner format but we can crop them or add a border if necessary. If you're not sure but you love your image, tag it anyway.

We'd love to see you taking part and really enjoy looking through your images.

Thank you for helping us showcase Blipfoto alongside your photos.

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