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I Think It's Jesus But I'm Not Quite Sure ...

Keithhall and Kinkell Parish Church was built in the late 18th century and is located in a rural situation on the wooded edge of the estate of Keithall Manse, Inverurie.

There are a number of fine stained glass windows in the church, which are memorials to past ministers and elders of the church and the men of the parish who died in the first Great War to End all Wars.
The east gable has a single window depicting Jesus as a shepherd, while the south elevation has one stained glass window of Jesus and another, unusually perhaps, of George slaying the dragon.

Its such a shame that such buildings are nowadays closed to the general public most of the time since the stained glass windows are really quite difficult to view from the outside. In this case even more difficult due to the protective grill covering them.
In these days of austerity I suppose leaving the light on inside would be asking a lot but at least it would show the windows off in their full glory to casual passers by.

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