By DonnaWanna

Silly Saturday - Red Peg Men

I liked these Red Peg Men with metal teeth and the bokeh behind made a beautiful contrasting background. A small tribute to dear admirer xxx

We met up with Josh’s Mum for lunch and as we hadn’t seen her for a while there was a lot to catch up on. Then it was time for some shopping for basketball shoes for J and we traipsed around to all the usual shops but because he is a size 13 we didnt have any luck!!!  One particular shop is expecting a new shipment next week so we’re going back!  
Then it was off to G’s for our usual afternoon tea and lots of fun and laughter ;o). There’s a shot of lovely old Melvin in his usual spot in extras ;o)

Later we went back to Julians for dinner as they had an old retired member of staff coming as well and it was lovely to see her again.  Lots of reminiscing and more laughing and lots of food.  

I think I’m in a food coma now as I’m falling asleep and must go to bed!! :o)
Catch up tomorrow, ahhhhhh Sunday yay!! Xxx

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