By deanna_pearce

Day 215 - Helpful Bunnies

After getting my fruit cake ready and steaming my beetroot I pinned the back on my wall Hanging.  KG was in the Man Cave  almost completed restoring the wheel bench.  I was called occasionally to hold something.
Finished pinning and off to the machine – did a little bit and then called to do more assistance.  Off I went and, on my return,,  I was greeted by the bunnies at the sewing marine. 
Luckily for me I had left my camera recording so was able to piece together what happened
Bossy Boots as ever was the ringleader and asked if they should help – they were all up for helping and Bessie got the pins and Brenda got the clips.   These pins are sharp said Bessie we had better be very careful.  Yes. Brenda agreed this clip are a bit dangerous too as they grip quite tight.  They carefully manoeuvred their way to the sewing machine.   Bobby and Beth went to find the scissors and were surprised how big and heavy they were.  Be careful the Beth stay away from the cutting ends.  Ok Said Bobby and the they managed to make their way to the machine
They met up with Brenda and Bessie and at that point I walked in and they joyfully told me that they were being helpful.
Hmm not so sure as my work had been tossed aside and they were working on a scrap piece of material.
Thanks I said but I am back now and you have been very helpful can you go back to your shelf and you can watch from there.
They went off quite happily and watched me finish off the wall hanging.
A cooler and cloudier day today

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