By LincolnWarrior


Work this morning and on my way to work there was mist hanging around the Cathedral . I pulled over in the car and took 1 shot . This was the shot the cathedral is in there somewhere . you can just make out the base of the towers .
Blip sorted it was on to work for a fairly busy morning , It wouldn't have been so bad but we was short of staff today at least the morning went fairly quick. Today was my anniversary for starting at Jewson 32 years ago time fly's when your having fun .
The weather was a lot better when I left work but decided I was happy with my shot so straight home to get changed and get my work clothes in the wash . An afternoon of Rugby League which included a very good challenge cup final from an empty Wembley stadium . Sadly no Wigan Warriors but still a very good entertaining match seeing Leeds beat Salford 17 - 16 . Watching the 2nd NRL semi-final now before a film tonight  and a few beers .

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