Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

And the winner is…

Sometime ago I suggested Max and took a photo into this competition entitled womanhood by the London photo festival, this is the first outside exhibition and it’s in Marble Hill Park which is not too far from us, Max is in the top 10 with his amazing photograph of Rene Campbell champion bodybuilder, we got the bus down there went for a lovely walk, looked at all the entries, you can vote here for your favourite And see the other entries VOTE

Afterwards we went to a really nice pub and had lunch, they had an open fire going, we haven’t been out for lunch together for months and months and months.

We walked along Twickenham Riverside where there were so many swans and geese and ducks, they’re not usually swans down this way but because of all the restaurants closing in the covert restrictions they are looking for food further afield.

Lovely home-made curry by Max and family dinner with Zebedee, Gulliver and Erin and Sleepyhollow in the run-up to Halloween.

I’m suffering some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from the pregabalin but hopefully in a few days I will feel better.

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