By seizetheday

Books of dust

Back to stripping wallpaper from the walls in the hall. A job that's been on hold for a while, mainly because I've been trying to avoid it! All the 'top coat' (i.e. the top of the wood chip paper plus x layers of paint...) is off at one end now, planning to continue at the other end tomorrow.

These books on the dresser are two of the few hardbacks I own - well, paperbacks are much easier to read in bed. I'm a self-confessed Philip Pullman addict, specifically the Lyra Belacqua novels, so when Tom mentioned yesterday that Serpentine had been published, I couldn't resist looking for it on-line. Somehow it made its way into my 'basket'. Then it occurred that my copy of Lyra's Oxford is no longer in the bookcase (I suspect I know whose bookshelf it's on, but hey, what's a book between friends?), and a new copy jumped in to the basket. Finally, I spotted Once upon a Time in the North  - and you can guess the rest! Haven't yet confessed these purchases to MrM, but the truth will out soon enough...

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