By Ingeborg

A misty October morning

Not really misty, this was shot through the fogged up bathroom window after my shower :-) Condensation, rain, glass, they can all work as filters , slightly distorting photographs into something else , conveying a different mood and sometimes making it all very abstract/unrecognisable.

This coming Thursday the optional Abstract Thursday theme is 'distortion' with bonus points for those entries where you used actual things like fogged-up glass or mirrors/used actual self-made filters like plastic transparent lids with a hole in the middle, shot through glass objects or whatever else you can think up to change your photo subject into something abstract. The tag will be AT278.

Thanks so much for all your entries for last Thursday's challenge :-)
Here's the list of specials:
osuzanna           a very natural abstract in all senses
davidc                 painterly furrow
welshmaid50    a carpet of leaves
MrsLinda            abstract cardboard pattern
jwildsimpson     light and shadows through a chair mesh

And thanks so much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's wet abstract :-)

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