Today's been a bit of a washout for me. Within minutes of getting out of bed this morning, after a reasonable night's sleep, what happened but another fit of bright zigzag lines - onset of the third migraine in four days! (I guess this is what they call 'cluster migraines' - but it's not an experience I've had before.) Usually, there are at least a few days between them. Then again, these three are my first for some months - win some, lose some! I took Migraleve immediately, but this time it only took the edge off the pain; didn't stop the headache entirely. Ended up sleeping all morning in a darkened room. Still have a slight headache, but not too bad. Hope that's it now for a while.

Just back from a shorter-than-usual walk, where this was the only photo I took. But I now know that the black wrapping that goes around bales of haylage is called Maxistretch. That's what my tummy will be called, too, shortly when we enjoy our later-than-usual roast.

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