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All Better..........

I really hope that this is just a temporary repair, but even so it looks to have been hardly worth the bother! Edinburgh roads are in a terrible state just now and not just the side roads. The road to the Western General from Crewe Toll has a bus 'wrinkle' just as you come off the roundabout which is practically impossible to miss and must be almost a foot deep. I keep thinking that somebody must have reported it by now, but perhaps everybody is assuming that somebody else has done it and so I should! There is a rhyme about that I think!
Sunday today and the baptism of our Rector's daughter. I didn't go as I'm still low on energy, but apparently the church was almost at our attendance limit. It must feel strange for the rectory family to have joined the church just before lockdown and to be trying to get to know us and all our foibles from a safe distance! This time last year I was running around leading services, doing home visits and project managing (sort of) the preparation of the rectory and arranging repairs, decoration and flooring, not to mention cleaning after it all. What a difference a year makes.
After lunch Colin and I walked along to Tesco to pick up some mushrooms and nabbed ourselves a bargain Chinese meal there, so that is dinner sorted! Not quite up to Loon Fung standards, but perfectly acceptable.
We had a video chat with the girls when we got home, we have missed seeing them - they were very loud! Eildih is reading Ramona the Pest, one of Kathryn's favourites when she was her age. She was also wearing an Oilily dress which used to be her mum's. She cheerfully told me it was vintage...I said I must be too as I had bought it 30 years ago. I can see she is going to take after me in her love for things with family attachments. I must find the picture of Katy wearing it, I can picture it quite clearly.

Have a good day, hopefully the blackhole above will be filled soon!
We could all do with our black holes being filled preferably with some sunshine and happy thoughts. Keep well.

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