A Meandering Life...

By Skeena


Today we headed slightly west from Northallerton in search of interesting places to visit in the future. Like Northallerton, Bedale is a market town with a very wide high street, large cobbled parking areas on each side is where the market stalls set up.

At the north end of the high street is St Gregory's Church. This photo was taken using my mobile's panorama facility. We had a nice walk up and down the street. I ventured into a traditional hardware store which didn't appear to stop expanding, I'm sure it went into the county!

From there we drove a little future and went through Masham, a smaller village but far busier. The square was full of cars and motorbikes, all the pubs and cafes were full. It was only when we continued around the back streets we saw the T&R Theakston brewery...

In extras, I have shown one of the side streets off Bedale High Street called Emgate. It is very typical of some of the lovely side roads in the local towns. 

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