Snow, first snow!

I slept long and well, and when I drew the bedroom curtains this is what I saw! It might well have been thick frost, but was in fact the genuine article. - and later in the morning the snow fell properly. All melted now. It is really chilly today and I have spent it indoors, nursing what was threatening to be a cold. However, I am no longer sneezing, nor am I blowing my nose so it seems to have calmed down and I feel fine again. 

We had a board meeting this afternoon but I skipped going into town due to the infection or whatever it is. People are quite rightly anxious not to meet sickies, and I know I should stay home if I'm ill, so I did. We linked up via the net and one of the questions we took up was the party's digital appliances, or lack of them - we discussed buying a microphone and a conference speaker. About time too, I thought to myself. The sound was so dreadful today, I missed half of what was said and the rest sounded like Micky Mouse half the time. Somehow I contributed, and somehow we had a meeting. Two new board members were there for the first time so it was a big shame to miss the meeting for that reason if for no other.

I have now taped in the inner windows in my workroom, and done the decorated wadding that sits between the windows. I am hopeful that it will remain condensation-free, but in case there's a problem I've left the top unsealed so the damp air might get out. Might be a fat chance situation, but hopefully not needed and I can tape the top later. I hung the thick blanket/quilt behind the front door at Betty's, it's the only outer door that we don't have an extra inner door for. So I hang this quilt in front of the door to keep the cold at bay. All very ethnic, and not at all how most people here live these days. I found myself wondering about making sausage dogs to act as draft excluders. Am I regressing into my childhood or what? Anyhow, the windows look lovely, clean and sparkling and freshly decorated with bright white wadding and eternelles. And the room is back in a useable condition too. Which is good as I am way behind on my bookbinding.

Fish soup for dinner, with strawberry ice cream for pud. Today Keith, the master of many things, changed the battery in my dead iPhone and it is now resurrected, and it lives! It has been interesting living without the phone, but even more interesting has been the reaction of people around me. So many have congratulated me and said things like - freedom! Obviously, some people see the phone as a jailor or a boss or something. Mine hardly ever rings, but I use it for many things like banking and paying for stuff - I found not being able to do that that hard work. It's back in business anyhow, and I am grateful. 

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