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Easy Voting

Our major goal for this year like none before was to stay well so we could vote in the 2020 election, which we did today. In our state, Washington, which has a Democratic governor, residents receive their ballots by mail and can return their completed ballots by mail (no stamp necessary) or to a secure ballot drop box up until the end of election day (Nov. 3 this year). Both methods are convenient and easy, compared to having to go to a polling place and likely waiting in line to vote.

Many of us think that drop boxes are safer than mailing our ballots this year, given the delays in mail delivery caused by the current U.S. Postmaster General, a Trump appointee. Whatcom County, where we live, has 233,755 residents. There are five drop boxes in Bellingham, including the one you see here where we took our ballots today, located near the Whatcom County Courthouse. There are 14 more drop boxes throughout the county; I've added the list as an extra photo. 

In Texas, where the governor is a Republican, there are 254 counties, compared to my state's 39 counties. The Texas governor has limited the counties to just one ballot drop box each. (Voters who are age 65 or older, sick or disabled, or will be out of their county on election day may request an absentee ballot by mail). 

Harris County, which includes Houston, has 4,713,325 residents. Not a very practical place to have just one drop box... especially as it had 12 drop boxes until recently. (The link takes you to an excellent article in The Guardian.)

P.S. Thanks to Phil for the photo!

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