Sprout lover

By robharris35


The main part of the day was spent doing dull tasks with a low level of productivity but which eventually got finished. Late afternoon I headed out on a long walk, which ended up being mistimed because gone are the days of the sun setting at 9pm.

I chose Hobson’s Brook for today’s route as it’s away from roads and quiet except when groups of kids are shouting and cussing in the woods nearby. Compared to a few months ago when the water level was super low, they now need to crank the sluices into action. Near this spot an old man was sitting on a bench playing the violin.

I walked fairly aimlessly and bumped into old pals Dave and Tracie, who had a baby in the height of lockdown. After getting ourselves het up about politics it was already dusk but I continued walking towards Grantchester. The meadows were quiet and peaceful by the time it got dark, and although I had to navigate using my phone light, it was good to recharge, get fresh air and avoid that cooped up indoors feeling.

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