I headed off to the bell tower for our socially distanced 4 bell ringing. At least it beats the three blind mice of 3 on the go. Then it was off to Costa for a restorative cuppa. Let’s hope we can continue doing both those for a while yet. The ringing helped ease my back - always good for stretching things out.

Then we popped to the farmshop to choose something for lunch because I went to bed early yesterday to ease my back and forgot to get the meat out of the freezer!  It was rather nice to choose something fresh on the day so we picked up some delicious marinated lamb chops as well as some colourful carrots just because I liked  the look of them.  We also had a nice apple and mixed fruit pie, made by mum from apples that my bellringing mate Brian popped around as he had an abundant crop this year. So a very yummy lunch.

Then it was time for a relaxing afternoon of footie watching (how did Spurs go from 3-0 up to 3-3!) and some more crocheting. I have been good and sewn in the ends on my stash busting blankets. I worked out I am half way there so another 100 rows on each and I’ll be ready to add the borders, give them a wash and dry and get them off to their new homes.

And close your ears for the C word - I bought some more Christmas presents online and plotted out plans for the rest. 

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