By ilkkavalkila

Ostrobothnia day 2

After a little farm walk and lunch at my brother's godmother's and her son's farm, we drove from Laihia to Seinäjoki via Ylistaro, where we stopped to see the church (extra #1). Ylistaro is not a very big village, but the church is huge. According to some sources, it's the third largest in Finland, but some others don't list it among the biggest.

In Seinäjoki we visited Jussi's godparents and they took us to see the Törnävä estate (in the main blip). The estate has a beautiful park with lots of old buildings. In its heyday in the early 19th century the estate had ironworks, a gunpowder factory and later it became a model farm of the region.

In the 20th century it saw some less magnificent days, but it was restored about 40 years ago and now hosts the events of the town council. The old cowhouse is now the regional museum of South Ostrobothnia. Provinssi music festival (former Provinssirock) is held on an island next to the backyard.

In the extra #2 a rose on the backyard.

We came home after 8 pm. At this time of year dusk is a risky time to drive, but no deer or elk on the road. Just one squirrel seen crossing.

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