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By steveng

Standen House

We drove the short distance to Standen House this morning, passing through much of the Ashdown Forrest on a sunny Autumn day. 
Much warmer than I was expecting, we had a walk around the gardens before lunch and then a look at the ground floor which is all that can be opened safely for visitors. 

The house is fascinating and was one of the first to be built here with the intention of having electricity as we might think of as normal. Much of the decoration is arts & crafts inspired and there are many William Morris patterns and designs to see.    Although the family were clearly affluent, none of it looks at all pretentious or look at me I'm wonderful in the way that some great houses can be.  It is easy to imagine yourself sitting in one of the rooms or paying bills in the business room. 

The house is rarely fully on view and the gardens are arranged to give several enticing glimpses.  Very much worth a follow up visit.

My blip is the main entrance,  which is on the North facing side of the house.

Link to the C4 programmes here

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