Quirky Turkey

By Mobius

Roy in Wonderland

Put a call out to my cycle buddies for the loan of a flat handlebar hybrid to see how much easier that will be on my neck when road riding. Instant response and went round for the first time to his converted barn with outbuildings.

Everywhere you went there were sheds full of all sorts of useful junk and the front drive had the tinge of a junk yard. Pictured as an example is a small part of the metalwork shed where many industrial lathes, drills and what was apparently a "nibbler" machine were housed. In the background is a small mezzanine floor that he's built using some orange girders he'd got from somewhere; the remainder were in his front drive/ yard for a future project.

The front yard also by his stipulation only had fruit and nut trees planted: Peach, Apricot, Walnut and another nut tree. All but the the first listed bore much useful food and I also came back with a bag of frozen figs!

His wife's back garden was a beautiful well laid out more conventional garden. I had admired it and the house rear many times passing on a longer daily dog walk route.

I was mesmorised!

NB Roy is relevant to the bike; blip for another day.

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