simple moments

By simplemoments



said the pigeon calmly to the boo

and then, the boo - became frantic in her frenzy - trying to get through - the glass window - pawing at it through the glass - whimpering at the pigeon - stalking back and forth - nothing impressed said pigeon - it merely balanced on the railing - looking at us both - (i was snapping a few shots)

and then just as suddenly - as it had appeared - it’s wings opened up - and it took flight - the boo simply stopped - looking up at me - i shrugged because what was - there to say - it had graced us - with almost 10 minutes - of charming presence - of course i’d seen a pigeon - up close before but - never the boo - her reaction was priceless - she was so excited - in only the way a kittie can be

it was a gift from a pigeon - to a small animal - for what other bird - might have the patience - to simply sit in such stillness - while the likes of boo - is on the other side of the glass - acting hysterical and frenzied - a simple joy for my boo - which has made it...


happy day.....

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