By HClaireB

Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway

This short stretch of steam railway line (CPRR) managed to open for a few Sundays at the end of the season.  Normally it is absolutely packed during the school summer holidays.  The volunteers are taking the chance now to improve the access to the station.

I've spent the morning getting ready for our Zoom camera club meeting this evening.  We have been meeting twice a month on Zoom since early April, and it has been working really well.  This evening we are judging our banner image competition.  Our website (CoL&CPS), Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pages all have the same letterbox shaped image at the top and we change the image once a month.  So we are looking for the next 12 months' images.  The aspect ratio is 4:1 which is a difficult ratio to work with.  Today's blip is an example.

As we are a London-based club, our images have all been of London until now.  London skylines and riverscapes are favourites.  However, during lockdown not everyone has been in London.  We have members locked down in Paris, South Carolina, Oxfordshire (me!), Suffolk (joolsfoto), County Durham (Rock_Dr) and New Zealand (!).  So the only rule this evening is that the images should have been taken in lockdown.  That has brought in a much wider range of entries than usual.  We are judging the competition ourselves.  It's our website, we want our favourite images.  I'm really looking forward to it.

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