Wall Art - 251

The Rogano is one of Glasgow's oldest and most popular Restaurants.  Very popular with visiting celebrities especially Table 16 which had a prime position that allowed the celebrity to see everything that was going on without being easily seen themselves.   David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger were among the diners who occupied Table 16 in the past.

The Rogano closed its doors, like all the others, at the start of lockdown in March.   Sadly it didn't reopen when restrictions were eased. but they say it will reopen sometime in 2021.   In the meantime it will display a series of murals on the site - this being the first.

Apparently there are clues as to who the diners in the mural are - all of them have visited the Rogano..  I've worked out that the arm at the bottom left is Nat King Cole;  the blue suited figure in the centre I think is Sir Alex Ferguson, and sitting opposite him is Elizabeth Taylor.   I can't work out who the others are.

Update:  I now think the two on the right hand side are Kylie Minogue and sitting opposite her - Tina Turner.

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