Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Lucky me

Today is my birthday and I have been showered with good wishes and presents. :)

Lie in this morning - hubby went out for a cycle around the site. A back, neck and shoulder massage this morning was very relaxing and we then had a wonderful lunch at the pancake house (see extra) :)

This afternoon we had booked one of our 2 hour sessions at the sub tropical swimming paradise, not actual pool just flumes, rapids and a wave pool (that due to Covid they were not using the wave machine. We got in the cue for the water rapids - this went outside and was quite fast but felt in control; then collected an inflatable to go down the flume - this was faster, needed to sit up and nearly lost my glasses on the way down; next was the typhoon cyclone ... another inflatable that both hubby and I could go on, we had to hold on very tight. Let’s just say I won’t be doing this one again - at one point it there was a steep drop followed by the cyclone ...... I won’t be doing this one again! I then. Proceeded to the lazy rapids, gentle rapids whilst hubby went back on the single inflatable a number of times. :)

Today was finished off by a meal at a well known Brazilian/South American restaurant, Mojito cocktail my treat today before a relaxing evening watching bake off. :)

Rain planned for tomorrow, not sure what we will do, wait and see what the morning brings. :)


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