Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

A fungal day

After some very wet and quite warm weather the fungi are beginning to bloom.
This is a cluster of common inkcaps Coprinopsis atramentaria. The generic name  means 'living on dung' although this species lives in grassland! The specific epithet atramentaria comes from the Latin 'atramentum' meaning a very dark or black substance, in particular a liquid such as ink. As the mushroom matures it begins to deliquesce into a black liquid full of spores.
The Common Inkcap is poisonous when consumed with alcohol, and the effects are sometimes severe. It can be dangerous to eat these inkcap mushrooms if alcohol has been consumed during the three days before a meal or is likely to be consumed at any time during the three days afterwards.

The extra shows a large group of snowy waxcaps Cuphophyllus virgineus. Any thoughts on why they are growing in lines?

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