By Ingeborg


This branch with great leaf skeletons and abandoned tiny snail shells was found on the street over a month ago and it has been the subject of many a photoshoot since. Today's Dutch assignment was 'fallen from a tree' and so it featured there and here today on that account. I know windfall is usually meant for fruits and nuts  but this certainly fell out of a tree because of wind too :-) And it has been a great source of photo joy for me :-)

Another source of joy is of course that little man. He's now a month old, everything's fine with him and his parents, he may get quite tall later says the dr who saw him yesterday for his first month check-up, and now that he also has a Dutch passport his mom's visum/residence permit application has officially been registered. Here's hoping the red tape stuff will finally be over very, very soon ...

Remember that tomorrow's optional Abstract Thursday theme will be 'distortion', with bonus points for those entries where you used actual things like fogged-up glass or mirrors or where you used actual self-made filters like plastic transparent lids with a hole in the middle, shot through glass objects or whatever else you can think up to change your photo subject into something abstract. The tag will be AT278.

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's scholarly calligraphy water bowls

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