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Passion .............

 .......... in the Rain  -  you can't beat it!!  ;o)

In the extras - the new greenhouse has finally arrived - also in the pouring rain.

I asked the company " will the delivery guy need any help? "
Their reply  " no. he'll be fine, they do it every day "

Who turns up but an agency driver, solo, only the second day on the job!!!    Lovely guy but definitely not experienced with these kind of deliveries and 'Elf & Safety would've had a field day with him trying to carry an approx. 14' (4.3mtr) heavy box alone.  ( All the long boxes say 10' on them but as can be plainly seen they are three different lengths!!! )
Yorkshire muscles to the rescue with some help - that's me, by the way!!!     

One package missing - eventually found on the lorry hidden behind other stuff (he didn't load, they did that at the factory).   By the time we were done I was soaked to the skin!  As was he.

Tomorrow the "installers" come  -  brought forward from next Tuesday  -  yay!!!    Hopefully there's nothing missing and by Friday afternoon I will have the shed re-filled, the patio cleared of all the shed stuff and it will all look a bit neater.

Another garden job done and Himself will be a happy bunny in his new "hutch".    :o))

Smile for the Day:

As raindrops say  " Two's company, three's a cloud "

Boom boom!

~ Anni ~

That passion flower has a little winky face ...... and a naughty grin!!

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