Art Nouveau

I ordered myself a 2021 calendar and it arrived today. It depicts Art Nouveau posters and I am looking forward to having a different poster above my desk every month next year. This is the March picture, a poster by Adolfo Hohenstein who although born in Russia to German parents, is nowadays regarded as the founder of Italian Art Nouveau. I really like Art Nouveau with its flowing lines.
In recent cupboard clearing I have found diaries that I wrote in my teenage years and I have been reading them today. Quite exhausting were the ones written in the years when I was simultaneously taking “A” levels, secretary of the Youth Fellowship, a senior prefect at school, looking after our garden and spending time socialising with a wide circle of friends. I seemed to go out every evening as soon as my revision was done. I never mentioned tv, I don’t think we had one! Until the last few years I was always busy like this, such a contrast to my days in the last few months.

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