By AMK49

Granton harbour - version 2

We drove to Edinburgh 4 weeks ago and I visited Granton harbour that day having dropped Mrs AMK off at the Western General to take part in one of the Covid Vaccine trials. That day I walked along the breakwater on the other side.

Today was a follow up- another dose of vaccine and blood sampling although we don’t know if she has had the actual vaccine or the alternative meningitis vaccine. All for the sake of grannies who want to travel to see their grandchildren she says !  She is not so keen on the weekly Covid swab samples that the vet takes for her but at least each week it is good to see the negative result arriving.

This time I stopped off at the opposite side of the harbour and although there was no sign of the ice works and there were modern flats looking over the harbour I was pleased to see that not all the old structures had been removed. I always like seeing old bits of metal and wood as in the extra.

Another lovely day to look back across  to Fife .

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