By Swann6

Yellow roses for a cheerful thank you

This bunch of roses was given to me by an electrician rewiring a house across the road because I let him park his van in my space outside. How nice is that? The generous spirit of people here continues to enthral me!

That happened the other day, and is basically a 'house blip' because for the first time since I've lived here I didn't get out today. Just so much work to do, so many calls, and this evening a short story that refuses to be short, and a gradual chipping away at words that has taken hours and will have to be chipped at some more tomorrow.

I can't look at the screen anymore tonight to browse journals but want to thank you profusely for your stars, hearts and fabulously kind words over the past days. News from J is that she is feeling grotty but not too bad, and today her big sister has been online with her to help get some of the academic ducks in a row in this new way of doing things. So I feel a bit easier. Thank you again - hope you are all doing ok. X

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