Choose Joy

By Energia

Phone banking bites

I waited too long to volunteer to write letters to encourage people to vote so I spent an hour phone banking. The good news is that the software was better than the last time I phone banked for a candidate just, what, eight months ago? The bad news is that it is still pointless because no one answers their phone anymore. That includes me. 

To vote by mail in North Carolina you have to have a witness 1) print their name, 2) sign it, and 3) put their address on it. Most of the 5,000 rejected ballots in NC were rejected because of an error with witnessing. 

I met a person.
And had a conversation with her.
I went back to the house that had all the fascinating things so I could take this shot. I’ll go there frequently - there are so many fun Halloween things there (and so little anywhere else). As I was taking a shot a woman walked by and said the socializing takes place every evening and is open to strangers. She and I talked for an hour and she loaned me a book that looks like it will be great. 

There is a prison guard who got COVID. He didn’t spend an extended time with anyone but cumulatively over the day he spent 17 minutes with infected people. They can’t rule out that he didn’t get COVID some other way, but they think this is how, even though everyone was wearing masks. 

The President’s super spreader event was outdoors, but everyone was close and almost no one wore masks.

We really have to have all three:  masks, distance, and outdoors. One out of three isn’t enough. I wonder if two out of three is enough. I guess the answer is that three out of three is safest, two our of three is less safe, one of the three less safe still, and zero out of three just dangerous. 

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