By Beckett


.... a super day!

For me any day just cannot get any better when you call by the mighty Nepean River after a couple of morning meetings, a super lunch with the boss, and bingo..... an Azure Kingfisher drops by!

Well actually, I was busy watching a couple of Rainbow Bee-eaters busy catching some dragon fly for dinner, and who should drop in nearby but this Azure Kingfisher.

One of my fav birds, and appreciated the way it sat around for a couple of seconds just in time for a photo shoot!

Pleased the way it turned out, as it was around 50 odd metres away and the focus wanted all those branches it had around it.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE ...... AND!

... I mentioned about how the day cannot get any better..... well sort of!

Have a contact here who mentioned their son had set up a new Telescope for "sky watching", and he wanted to show me and put the camera on to see what we could get.
Well, at around 7:30pm a call to say let's go, the sky pretty clear and the forecast for dud weather for awhile.

Anyway, we sure had some fun, and what a bit of kit he has..... we even spotted Saturn ... wow!

Had not done this before so another learning curve for both of us.

Pretty pleased for a first go, so if you are into "space" have a check starting here on Flickr at some of the shots. The focus and final settings need a little fine tune but amazing how damn close we could see the moon. The camera did not get Saturn but we worked out after what's needed so watch this "Space"..... he he!! 

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