By isbi

Here's Looking at You

I had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at Abstract Thursday today but gave up in favour of this wallaby across the garden fence. I tried to get it with its joey but it spotted me first and took off.

Mr isbi was out for most of the day. It's amazing what one can achieve without interruptions. I sent several overdue emails, did some more gardening, made two appointments, ordered a new stove, arranged with Dan (the camel man) to install it free thus saving $330, cooked gingernuts and packed up to return to Blackheath for two nights. 
Helen and Omar decided to make a final trip to the mountains before the twins arrive with more stuff to store at our house. Their two bedroom apartment is getting full. Helen thought staying at the farm might be a bit far from civilization. She is 34 weeks tomorrow but looks full term. 

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