By RicsPics

The Curious Paradox

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, I can change” Carl Rogers

A peaceful and productive day so far. I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to force life, force change - I must walk more, I must eat healthier, I must do x y z. It doesn’t work. All that stuff comes from a place of anxiety and need to control and you just attract more negativity.

Today I decided to “let go, let god” and it’s been a good day.

Walked on through the woods to the Glen, has a coffee, spoke to Mum on the phone, had a great chat with the vicar from Clayton Church and booked in the time to record our virtual remembrance service, had a lovely coffee, chatted to a friend who has offered me some work as a bit of a side line doing social media management and blogging (which I love to do anyway...) and I’m now home had a lovely healthy meal and getting ready for work.

Now, if I had woken up and decided I was going to go find some extra income, or make sure I eat healthy... or whatever else, would it have happened?

I think you have to put yourself in a feel good place and leave a lot to the universe.

I will remember this the next time I’m trying to force the world around me.


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