Life on the go

By BarryBadcock

Slow Picking

Slow Picking - Well it was actually, not a great deal of Sloes around this year where we normally go. No I am not going to tell you cus you would know where to go to :) 
We walked around these fields back a few months ago and noticed that the hedgerows had been trimmed and we did wonder if it would effect this years crop of sloes. But we did find two bushes with an abundance of fruit compared to other bushes. May still be a bit early to pick sloes, I can remember when we first moved to Haddenham (over 10 years ago) and we visited these fields in Witcham (Doh, I have told you now where we go) in November and the fruit was large and plump. Over the last few years we found that we need to go just before half term as the bushes may get picked by quite a few families during half term. Anyway the fruit we found was 'juicy' but smaller in size. We still managed to pick just over a kg. This will turn into Sloe Gin. We still have two small bottles from last year so we will be able to leave this batch to mature till next Christmas.

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