Distortion in 3

I was coughing during the night. Pretty sure it was from sitting outside in a cold wind yesterday afternoon. My herbal sweets came to the rescue. Sat in the lounge at 02:30, and sucked them, until the cough was under control. Then returned to bed and thankfully fell asleep.

Only to be woken by the bell at 07:20 by my 07:30-08.30 Ocado delivery. So robbed of 10 minutes of sleep (or 25mns as Alexa wakes me at 07:45. So day didn’t start of too well.

Kept myself busy at home. Decided best not to go out. Made a banana bread, think it’s cooled down now. So off to try (I did and it was wonderful). Was unplanned, but 3 bananas delivered were overripe, so needed an excuse to use them.

Feeling 95% now. Will go to bed early after a soothing drink. Pretty confident I’ll be fine tomorrow.

My image is for Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday, theme Distortion.

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