By spannarama

One tree, many colours

The weather was so lovely for most of the day - until I wanted to go for a walk this afternoon.  Then it started raining.  I wasn't feeling brilliant anyway, so decided to skip the walk again.  I had already taken tons of photos earlier when the sun was shining, of the beautiful autumn colours in the Japanese maple outside.  The left hand side of the tree is deep red (and losing leaves) now, but the right-hand side is mostly green and gold

I gave my Mum a quick video call this morning to share the tree's beauty with her.  She showed me her garden, too.  I do miss being there in person.  One day, one day....

Had a pretty good day otherwise - finally achieved something useful for work, instead of feeling like I'm tinkering round the edges all the time.  Should tick off another job or two tomorrow, too.

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