My days ...My life

By ElspethAnne

Towards St Kilda

It has been a beautiful, crisp and sunny day here today. We arrived at Lochmaddy at 11.40 and headed over to our favourite North Uist beach at Balranald RSPB reserve.
An unexpected holiday here again with thanks to a fellow Blipper who offered us her house.
It is all the more special being here when it's quiet and there are few tourists about.
We went up to the viewpoint to take this photo of the Monach Islands and Hirta beyond - it is difficult to see in this photo although it was very clear through J's telescope.
So here we are , cooried in, and really looking forward to relaxing and just being here.
Big Thankyous due.
Some extras from the afternoon.
I have managed to get dates mixed up ...this was 22nd. The castle visit was yesterday's entry , 21st , after midnight.

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