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By HarlingDarling

Let there be light!

First there was a day full of glorious sunshine, so welcome after days of gloomy weather. Then I decided it was time to break out the strings of lights. It's dark enough, early enough, and the clocks change this weekend so it will be dark even earlier next week. They are sufficient reasons really, but we also have friends coming tomorrow, so there is an extra reason.

I might be chastised for getting ahead of myself, but I'm not going to let that bother me. These lights are in fact always in place! They are in the corner beside out downstairs stove, and they were a gift from the lovely Rose who knows what I like. They are very twinkly and brighten up that corner no end. There are also lights in the lemon tree, carefully placed not to burn the leaves. And in the bathroom there are undeniably Christmassy-feeling lights with tinsel and paper stars. Sorry people, I said the word but it won't happen again.

The curry is made, the spicy sour chick peas too, and the raita. All on the floor in the earth cellar, keeping their cool till tomorrow. I have removed the usual heaps of paper and other stuff from the table whilst Keith was making.... wait for it.... saffron buns! I asked for them and was shouted down by my so called friends. It's too early! You have to wait till Advent!! But I love saffron buns. And my husband (one of the loudest shouty voices saying no) loves me, and he started work on a huge batch of buns.

We got out in the sunshine and found that the impression of a biblical deluge in the last few days was correct. The stream that is usually a gentle thing, was positively roaring. You could here it from a distance. And the fording place where you sort of hop from one big rock to another was impassable for the freakishly wimpish. This is a first in 33 years. We thrashed and bashed and slithered beside the beck and it was unpleasantly slow progress. We did see the big flat areas the sleeping beasts had made, elk and deer, which was a bit cool... we thrashed our way back to the tractor path and returned home. Keith got the oven on and filled the house with the delightful scent of warm saffron - the buns are excellent!

It's fun having friends round, they know us well and have no demands regarding a clean sparkling house with no piles of stuff - however, it gives me the impetus to remove all the things that have somehow gathered in places they know they shouldn't be. I mangled the bedding from yesterday, a lovely job, flattening and smoothing big areas of cloth without having to get the iron out. So we are all set for people to arrive, which they will do late afternoon, there is a little list of jobs to be done before that but it consists of gardening (if the ground is less frozen than today), setting the table (which I really enjoy doing) and bookbinding which is hardly a job. It has been a year of few "friends round for food" and I really miss it. Me, and the whole planet I suppose. Wishing us all a fine weekend.

Oh, almost forgot, there was one Google hit for Horne, Accrington, and it was this one! 

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