David J. Rose

By djrose007

Small, but perfectly formed

Todays' blip of growing Brussel Sprouts was inspired by Gregg (Sheol) when he mentioned his Brussels have been cooking for the past two months and would be until Christmas!
I have half a dozen Brussel Sprout plants in the veg patch, never grown them before that I can remember but they are coming along. If they are still small in a month or so that's fine, we prefer them small and tasty.
When it got to dusk, about 1730 here at the moment, I took Jonty out for a walk.
A lesson that I preach, but often do not abide by, is 'Never go anywhere without your camera. I kicked myself when we were nearly home and spotted a few Magpies in an almost bare tree. I stopped to count them - 13 Magpies together, got to be unlucky for someone!


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