By boxoffrogs


This is Nozzy, he belongs to a friend of mine Indy who is away  in Latvia for a month. Another friend is stopping in the house looking after Nozzy and the other cat Ted.
Nozzy was very ill a few months ago and has to have medicine every night. This is given by a syringe into his mouth. Its a painkiller plus some other medicine  but giving him this is no easy task. We try to do it every evening around 5.30. Martha gives him the medicine and I am the person that has to hold him wrapped up in a towel while Martha tries to prise his mouth open just enough to get the small syringe inside and squirt the medicine into his mouth.
We have to block the catflap closed because as soon as Nozzy sees me or the towel he tries to make a run for it, cant say I blame him really. Have had a few clawings and scratches but we have been fairly successful most of the time. The rest of the time Nozzy has a comfy life and he and Ted have  fresh fish most evenings. Spoiled rotten.
At the end of the day it has to be done  but we will be glad when Indy gets home on 8th of November..........counting the days.

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