Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

The show is open!

families' story:
the exhibition opened --
journey through the past

I was surprised when the lady at the door of the gallery proclaimed, as I announced myself: "Oh yes, I recognise you from the photos!", as Frédérique's work to be exhibited was supposed to be what she did after she had been in the rehab centre with us to direct her workshop, and I was of course wearing a mask, which makes recognising anyone a challenge, at least for me.

I understood why she had indeed recognised me immediately when I arrived to the part of the gallery where the exhibition takes place! Not only was Frédérique's post-workshop work on display, but part of the show is made of the photos we took while she was there with us (extra). I also was glad to see Julie (on the right in the main photo), head of non-medical activities at the centre, who organised Frédérique's workshop last year, Eric, the gallery's art director, and Claude (other extra), a patient who took part in the workshop with me.

A very nice few hours spent in an environment I love, meeting people I like, and being presented in Julie's speech as the next talent to be sponsored by the gallery for an exhibition - whenever that might take place... Anyway I was very glad to learn that this is still on - if it can't happen at the centre because of visit restrictions imposed by COVID, it will take place at the gallery!

I found the exhibition very well imagined. Frédérique chose to print and frame most of the photos in a 20x20 cm format, so as to make viewers get close, as they would if they were looking at albums; a few larger formats (as you can see in the main photo) served to set the context.

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