Cato and the Storm

Cato doesn't seem to mind the rain as much as many cats do. Considering his long hair that's surprising and he does love to be outside. After towelling him down for the second time we locked the cat flap.

My blip is a composite. I took the photo of the Liquidamber from our bedroom window and persuaded Cato to sit on a window sill a bit later (I don't think it would have been possible to achieve it in camera). I tried out the new 'Refine Hair' tool in the latest Photoshop update. Hmm? Not convinced about that but I think I've managed to achieve a reasonable blend.

Filthy weather, I haven't been out at all. We did have a bit of a worry this morning. It turned out that someone at Marian's book club had contact with someone who she later found out had proved positive in a covid test. We wondered if we would need to isolate but it seems as it's an indirect contact it's not suggested. Two degrees of separation, it seems you're never far away from the damn thing!

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