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By Diane2104

Sanderling #83

A very wet morning but it cleared up a little in the afternoon and by the time we had got to Low Newton the rain had all but stopped. I had seen on Facebook this morning that two bar headed geese had been seen at the Newton Pools, so we went in search of them as it was so close. We didn't find them. However, we had a great 2-hour walk along the sand dunes behind the beach overlooking the golf course and then back along the beach. 
The light was very poor by the time we got back to the car and it was after 4pm. Once again I was thrilled to see what I think was a grey plover with the godwits and redshanks but the shots were pretty poor again - see extras. If you have any other ideas what it could be, please do let me know. I checked in the Merlin app and it is coming up with black bellied plover which is just another name for the grey plover, so I think it's correct. 

We also saw the usual turnstones, little plovers and oystercatchers and one of my favourite waders, the sanderlings. They run very fast along the shore and this time of year are lovely and white underneath(even if this one looks a bit grey). 

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