By greengirl

and again

I'm sorry, couldn't resist blipping this Acer again, so many leaves were blown off it in last night's wet and windy weather that its beautiful colour won't last too long. We continue to admire it and to find joy in this wonderful autumn when the news is so full of sad and worrying things. Today I walked 2 and a half miles (still on crutches, but leaning less heavily on them!). The waterfall at Routin Brig was full, and we stood watching it for quite a while. 
This morning I went out into the garden before I was even dressed, and brought back a big bunch of sweet peas, three runner beans, four pears and a beetroot. I have just taken an apple crumble out of the oven. More good things :-)

Inktober theme for today was « dig » ..see extra!

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