a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Boy those chillis were hot ...

Its been wet and windy here - very wet, and really quite windy.

The Christmas puds have now been cooked, and the pressure cooker retired back to the pan drawer where it lives most of the year.  Its a potentially really useful pan/device, but truth be told, I only really use it to cook Christmas puds nowadays.

I took a trip into Bath late this afternoon to get a couple of essential ingredients for tonight's dinner - and to find something to blip.  It is when the weather gets wet, windy and dark that blip becomes really challenging. 

Bath was really busy - I thought that by leaving it till late in the day it would be reasonably quiet.  But there were plenty (too many) folk around for me to feel even slightly comfortable.  Plenty of people seemed to have been out for a liquid lunch some rather more liquid than it should have been.  For example, one group of 6 girls in their late 20's or thereabouts, had clearly been drinking all day and were shouting, shrieking and generally making a nuisance of themselves - acosting strangers, running into and out of shops sans-mask etc..  In normal times it would be moderately amusing, but with Covid on the uptick again it was actually rather more than worrying.

It is tough, I really miss a decent long lunch with mates (that perhaps goes on a bit into the evening), and the sense of freedom that comes with it, but those aren't the times in which we now live, and some degree of social responsibility is needed. 

Anyway, back to the photo.  This chap is part of an advert for ice cream - although looking at him in the rain you would thing he'd just been out for the hottest curry that the hot curry shop and been able to produce, and had then added super hot lime pickle into the mix ....

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