By deanna_pearce

Day 222 - The Key to Understanding

A quiet morning sorted out some admin and bits and pieces
Heard the bunnies discussing lock down.
They asked Bossy Boots what the difference was
Well it is like this he said you need a key to understanding.
We have a key they told him
Ah that is a rather large key said Bossy Boots wisely
They pondered a while and I saw them trying to fit the key into a rather small lock
It doesn’t fit said Betty
No said Benjy you would need a big lock for this key to fit.
They pondered a while and said well these locks don’t look different whichever way up you put them.
Oh well said Bossy Boots we can only conclude that they mean the same thing.
But do they ??
Watched qualifying and a good result
A wet day today

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