By AnneILM60

What is it?

This is a photo of an indentation in one of the crepe myrtles, from where an old limb once was. The question is; what is the fluorescent spot you see?

First thing this morning Kent was out hand washing his truck and I was in the backyard with my camera.

Baron is fast learning the routine of me coming out and putting breakfast out and then setting up to take photos. Baron eats and then figures out where I’m located and comes running at full speed and jumps without slowing down, into my lap. Good thing I am sitting because the force would otherwise knock me down!

When Kent finished with his truck, he assembled what he needed to begin the task of cutting back all the bushes that are planted around Runyon’s house.

The last few years Runyon’s son has done a half-hearted job of trimming the bushes and so now several of them are almost out of control.

Kent did the trimming and I did the raking of the cuttings and loaded them into the back of Runyon’s truck. Runyon helped me some and he emptied the truck behind his garage where he has his burn pile. We filled the truck bed twice!

While Kent had his shower, I hung with Baron and gave her her daily brushing. Then it was my turn for a shower and late lunch.

Just a couple of small easy chores for the afternoon as I was knackered. I should sleep well tonight.

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other xx

Answer - it is the sun shining through a rolled up old leaf!

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