The place I live is called 'Green Hamlet.' It is relatively greener than most places in Hyderabad which are rather barren. More trees are an immediate necessity for the city. The air is too dusty, the weather too hot. One moves from the AC in the car, to the office, to the house and so on. Fresh air is a must, but where is it?

Saw this tree being felled before my house and was gravely disappointed. Hollered to find out why. Apparently the roots would be disturbing the foundation of the house before us. I couldn't seen any immediate evidence to support the claim, but the poor woodcutter was only executing orders.

By the time, I left for office, the tree was already down. Broken. But its leaves were still green. Perhaps they hadn't yet realized the full extent of what had happened. Perhaps we had not either.

Some backblips starting here.

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