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Sad Old Door

I was spoiled for choice for a blip photo today. We went to Wentworth Woodhouse near Barnsley for an outdoor meet-up with our support other words we met our daughter, husband and granddaughters - a group of six! Not sure how long before this is forbidden again...

Anyway it was a beautifully sunny afternoon - there was a bit of a chilly wind but we were all well wrapped up. The children had great fun on the Roly-Poly Hill and in the mud kitchen....there were lots of pots and pans and utensils with play sinks and cookers, plenty of water and soil and imagination. Acorn pizza anyone??

Lots of colourful trees, plenty of fungi and flowers and a rather sad old ‘camellia house’ - a hot house. It is in a very dilapidated state with a lots of the glass missing and big chunks of masonry falling off. I did spot this, presumably once grand, blue door at the back of the building.

Perfect for Derelict Sunday... hosted by Marlieske

Oh, and there’s a slimy mushroom/fungus in extras :-)

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