nogbad's blips

By nogbad


Number one child is visiting from another tier 1 area so I cooked for her, and here it is. Falafel - it's the first time I've made them and they were surprisingly easy. I made a smoky chilli tomato sauce to go with them. Orzetto with peas, pumpkin, parsley and peppers - it's like a risotto but with pearl barley rather than rice. Griddled aubergine and rosemary rolls. It's ages since I've seen her so it was lovely spending time in the same space, we chat most weeks and watch football together - we both watch at home and exchange messages (using the kind of language that would make our dear Queen blush).

Otherwise, I've not done much, the weather is horrible and I'm thinking of taking the PC upstairs tonight so that I can work from under the duvet until March or April when it gets warmer.

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