By dogwithnobrain

Here comes the rain again Falling from the stars

There is something magic about the Allotment when the leaves fall. 

The Allotment sits in the middle of a woodland - surrounded on all four sides by massive trees - I couldn't even tell you how tall they are. Suffice to say I need my glasses on to see the top. 

Doesn't inspire me to do anything, but I do like to wander round looking at the pretty colours. 

Every path is like this, and when it's wet underfoot it's a bit slippy too.  Still with the wind which has got up today, the leaves won't be there for long. 

It was the AGM yesterday - Si backed out, as I did after my two weeks stint.  So we will be back to working our plots and keeping our faces out of any business.   I cannot believe I agreed to go on the Committee and lasted a total of two weeks.  You would not comprehend how ridiculous the local council representatives were.  

They wouldn't agree minutes because we had missed out what one person had said in the middle of a disagreement (several people were all shouting at the one time - it was minuted as "there was a slight disagreement"; but no we had to detail everything we could remember was said. 

And then at the next meeting, they said, no they couldnt approve them, because we had listed the reason for the meeting incorrectly.... We said "we called the meeting to elect a new committee, because the old committee resigned", 
"No You had a meeting to discuss the vote of no confidence in the old committee"
And we said, but that was null and void because they all resigned... 

And they insisted that despite all the notices going out saying "this meeting is to elect a committee", and everyone who was there, being there to elect a new committee  - we had to minute is as their opinion, 
and not the opinion of the meeting.

So on one hand write down everything that everyone said, and on the other hand, write down what no one believed. 

At the end of that meeting I said I have another point of order for "Any other business, you need a new minute taker,". and everyone laughed.  And I said, No I'm serious.  After two hours of this crap, I'm not going to get another 120 minutes back, and I'm certainly not wasting any more time on this with the attitude that we are getting. 

And that was what I minuted. 

And guess what. 

That was deleted from the minutes. 

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